• How to make an Rseries Forged Wheel.

    Every Rseries Forged wheel is custom made-to-order for each individual customer and each unique vehicle application. This extremely resource-intensive manufacturing process ensures that every order is individually engineered, precision machined, hand finished, and custom powder coated to deliver a perfect vehicle fitment and to fulfill each customer’s personal creative vision.

  • Rseries Forged Process

    Not all wheels are created equal.

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    Most wheels in the world are manufactured using this technique. Molten aluminum is poured into a molding to create the complete wheel shape. It’s the commonest process to make wheels and it’s pretty adequate for the street as long as it is made well. Casting wheels is by far the most widely used, and the most commercially acceptable, mode of production. However, the casting wheel is not suitable for super light weight , customzied deisgn and custom fitment.

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    Flow forming is prevalent today due to the increased density of the wheel edge that is spun forged like a vase. Pricing is still inside the budget of most race / track enthusiasts. The problem is that a flow formed wheel starts to become a casting with a casting grade aluminum(A356). There is still potential for porosity, but it is a certain improvement over a completely casted wheel.


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    All Rseries Forged Wheels are proudly made by latest technology. The wheel starts as an aircraft grade solid cylinder of T6 Aluminum. We pressurize the cylinder with an industry leading 10,000 tons of pressure to give the wheel its rudimentary shape while improving the grain structure and overall properties of the high-grade aluminum. Obviously no porosity and a densely organized custom to allow for astonishing designs, weight, and strength.



    Every Rseries Forged wheel is aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum forged into a proprietary forging design. Heat-treated for additional integrity, these monoblock forgings yield quality equal to and sometimes greater than the raw materials used by the world’s top OEM automakers. 

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    They are cut and put into a 10,000 Ton Forging Press to forge the center disks or monoblock Forged Wheels. The result of the forging process is 6061 aluminum material with a completely refined grain structure which allows the wheels to be both lightweight and extremely durable. These materials are mainly used in aerospace manufacturing to attain the highest levels of tolerance and quality control.

    Quality materials are the beginning of a product.

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    FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

    At Rseries Forged, we use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) when we create every single new design or a new structure, which helps us to authenticate the stability and reliability of the new design. It will help us to design a wheel structure, and then test in software how our design responds to real-world forces. Safety will be the top priority for our products.

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    VIA + JWL + 10% STANDARD

    All Rseries ForgedRseries Wheels® products have passed the tests of JWL and VIA. Each wheel we deliver will have the VIA and JWL markings on it. For each product we will test with the standard 10% higher than VIA and JWL standard. In order to ensure the quality of the product and your driving safety, we will pass all high standard tests through FEA.


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