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    Installation, Care and Maintenance


    Inspection and installation

    1) Inspect the products immediately upon receipt and before installing the wheels. Once the products have been installed/mounted, the products cannot be returned for credit and charges will be assessed for any work that may be required to solve the problem. Verify that the products have the correct specifications, finish and other detail for your application ALL THE INFOMATION MUST BE CONFIRMED BEFORE INSTALLATION OF THE PRODUCTS.
    2) Wheels: Only use tubeless tires consistent with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended sizes for the wheels you have chosen. Using tires that do not conform to the vehicle or tire manufacturer’s recommendations may result in serious safety issues related to undersized or oversized fitments. Rseries wheels are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage related to incorrect tire sizes such as vehicle transmission, AWD systems, body panels/trims, or other affected areas.
    3) Wheels: Before installing the wheels, the tire bead seat area should be generously lubricated.
    4) Wheels: Install the wheels by using CONTACT FREE tire mounting machines only.
    5) Wheels: Use STICK-ON WEIGHTS ONLY. Clip-on weights can cause damage to the wheels and their use will void certain portions of the warranty.
    6) Wheels: After the wheels and tires have been placed on the car, take a short test drive. Re-check the torque values of each lug nut/bolt and make sure that they are torqued to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications.
    7) Wheels: If you intend to use one of your original equipment wheels as a spare, make sure that you keep a set of the correct lug nuts/bolts and a properly sized lug wrench in the car at all times. In most cases, Rseries wheels utilize the original equipment lug nuts/bolts, however, this may not be possible in all cases.


    Long-term care


    1) 2 & 3-Piece Wheels – Under no circumstances should you or anyone else loosen or remove any of the wheel assembly bolts. Doing so will automatically void the warranty on the product.

    2) To keep your wheels looking like new always, regular cleaning is highly recommended. It is mandatory in order to maintain the wheels' finish while using in adverse weather climates or on the roads with salt or chemicals. Please follow these guidelines:

    1. a) Never use any chemical-based cleaners or harsh cleaning solutions.

    2. b) Use only mild soap and water with a soft, non-abrasive cloth rag to clean the wheels of dirt and debris.

    3. c) Spray-on, hose off type cleaners are strictly prohibited

    4. d) Do not clean the wheels when the wheels are still not cooling due to the running of the vehicle - wait until the wheels have cooled down before trying to clean them. Cleaning them in shade is highly recommended.

    5. e) You can apply a soft paste or spray on wax to your wheels to ease maintenance and improve wheel appearance on clear-coated, painted, or chrome wheels; this is not advised for unprotected polished surfaces.

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