• Rseries Wheels and Products Packing instruction

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    We are very grateful to every customer for our brand support. and we believe that good product quality and customer satisfaction is the foundation of Rseries growth.
    We also believe that in a legal and principled environment, will be more conducive to our growth.


    We always respect intellectual property rights and product patents.As we have always stated, all of our vehicle information and vehicle displays are used only as a visual indication of product installation. This wheel is not affiliated with the car makers brand in any way or form.
    Any associated automobile models are used for fitment and descriptive purposes only.All brands, trademarks belong to the original car makers.
    For our products, we need to specify the following:
    1. we do NOT sell the wheel caps, the wheels cap decals/badges or other products with other companies' trademarks and car brands.
    2.All of our products come in Rsereis brand boxes and standard Rseries packaging. We will provide Rsereis wheel caps by default.
    3. All of our products, except for special noted, come with Rseries brand decals attached to the wheels.
    4. Most of our wheel caps and decals are compatible with the original dimensions. 
    Please feel free to contact us for the form below if you have any questions.